In this manner, you can concentrate on keywords SEO for that a particular quantity of search volume already exists — in other words, write toward subjects that people are currently trying to find information about. (SEOMoz supplies a fantastic manual to search-engine optimization.) This isn’t simply great for SEO, in addition, it helps people in your website find other related articles easily.  (The more they remain on your website, the better.)An search engine optimization audit may come in varying degrees of detail and sophistication.  A very simple site audit is often as brief as a couple pages long, and might tackle glaring on-page problems like missing names, and absence of content.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, a thorough site SEO audit is going to likely be comprised of dozens of webpages (for many larger sites it’s going to be more than one hundred pages) and speech even the tiniest of site elements that might possibly be injurious to the ranking-ability of an internet web site.In the most elementary level, an search engine optimization audit must tackle the fundamentals covered in our Fundamental SEO Tutorial.  Using a fundamental audit, a site operator should expect to get a nicely thought out guide for not just repairing elements of this site that aren’t search engine friendly, but also advice for moving beyond fixing topics, and making noticeable improvements in regions of content, link creation, and general organic search approach. Although social networking and other forms of traffic may create visits to your site, search engines would be the principal means of navigation for many Internet users.  Search engines are exceptional because they provide targeted visitors–people searching for what you provide.  Search engines will be the roadways which make this occur.  If search engines can’t find your website, or put in your articles to your own databases, you overlook amazing opportunities to drive visitors to your website. Experience indicates that search engine visitors may make (or break) a company’s success.  Targeted visitors to a site can offer publicity, earnings, and vulnerability unlike any other channel of promotion.  The secret to SEO is to create your site pertinent to the things which people are looking for.  So if your site is on your bicycle shop in Seattle, then you’ll have to set up your site so that Google can quickly associate search phrases like “bicycles” and “Seattle” along with your site.Assessing your site does exactly that — it will help Google find that link between your articles and the keywords you are targeting.  The meta description is brief overview of what your webpage is all about.  Even though the meta description is not used by Google as a search engine optimization signal anymore, the meta description remains important since it is probably the first thing people see about your company.  So while it does not help much with your rank, it will have a substantial effect on driving organic search traffic and fostering clickthrough rates to your webpage.

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